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What does Fix Em All Motors do?

Full Service Car Repair
Diagnostics / Troubleshooting
Engine, Transmission and more
Oil Changes / Tune ups
Brakes / Pads / Rotors
Radiator & Tranmission Flushes
Upgrades / Performance parts
ATV, Snowmobile and Campers

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General Maintenace & Repair

We can help you with maintaining your engine and keeping your vehicle running even longer.  Whether it's an oil change or a radiator flush, we are always here to help.  
We focus on being honest and having affordable rates and offer Free Diagnostic Tests.

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Performance / Upgrades

Sometimes you are just looking to get more out of your vehicle, ATV or snowmobile.  
We can help with: internal engine parts, new engine or transmission and even other bolt ons.
Fix Em All Motors can get you going quickly and at a resonable cost.

Fix Em All Motors location

Located behind Napa

On the Frontage Road

Fix Em All Motors
14399 60th St
Oak Park Heights, MN 55082

Kane Aegerter

Shop: 651-430-8687
If you don't see a service offered, just ask

Over 20 years experience working with vehicles.  Fix Em All Motors is an honest Full Service repair shop that won't overcharge and does it quickly.

We've been doing this a long time, so we know how to get it done right the first time.  
Don't risk going to some other mechanics that might know the job and have you come back multiple times.  

Main overview of what we do:

Fix Em All Motors Automotive Repair

Our Services

A quick summary of the services that we offer

Oil Changes

Full Service oil changes: Car, Truck, Snow mobile, ATV or Camper. We only use high quality Synthetic Blend or Full Synthetic. 
Starting at $25.99 for Blend and $49.99 for Full Synthetic (+ tax)

Brakes, Rotors and Pads

FREE brake inspections.
Brakes squealing or not quite stopping quick enough? Offering basic to performance options.
Starting at $199 + tax

General Maintenance

Make sure you are properly maintaining your vehicles. A little preventative maintenance goes a long way in both making sure to get the most out of your vehicle and helps with the resell value.

Wheel Alignments

Is your steering wheel not quite straight or you feel that it pulls to one side? This can cause uneven wear on your tires. Let us quickly get this fixed for you and notice it immediately.
Starting at $80 + tax

Diagnostics/Warning lights

We’ll help you find out what is wrong. From the simple issues with engine/warning lights to troubleshooting if you aren’t sure what is wrong.
Does your vehicle make weird sounds or have an annoying warning lights? We can help diagnose and repair the problem.
We offer FREE Diagnostics (upto 30 minutes)

Radiator / Tranny Flushes

Help improve the transmission performance by getting your Coolant flushed and filter changed. We’ll flush out all the old with brand new fluid and replace the filter.
Transmission Flushes starting at $159 + tax

Help improve the engine performance by getting your Radiator Coolant flushed. We’ll flush out all the old coolant and crud with brand new coolant. This helps with heating, cooling and mileage.
Radiator Flushes starting at $129 + tax

Heating and Cooling

We’ll help you find out what is wrong. From the simple issues with engine/warning lights to troubleshooting if you aren’t sure what is wrong.

Flat Tire repair / patching

Got a small leak in your tire? We’ll get you up and running in no time. Don’t know where it’s leaking or not sure? We can find the leak in no-time. No appointment necessary
Starting at 9.99 + tax

Upgrades / Performance

Does your Car, Truck, ATV,... need a little something extra? Let us help you take it to new levels whether it’s engine, suspension or transmission. Not sure what you want, we can help too.

ATVs, Snowmobiles & Campers

We don't just work on: Cars, Trucks and SUVs.  We can also help with your ATV, snowmobile or camper.  
We've also partnered with other services so if you don't see something we offer then just ask.

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A little more about us

Fix Em All Motors Kane Aegerter

Sometimes it's nice to know that you have experts on your side that can help you with numerous automotive issues.  We do just about everything from A/C to Water Pumps.  
If it has a motor, then we likely can work on it.
We pride ourselves in our work and do our best to get you the best rates and quickest turn around time.  This way you can save time and money, with little down time.  
If you find a better offer, just bring it to us and we can beat it *
*Restrictions apply
Full Service automotive repair


A/C, Batteries, Brakes, Calipers, Discs, Fuel pumps and fuel filter, Gauges, Maintenance, Wheel alignments, Oil changes, Exhaust, Pistons / Heads, Upgrades, Performance work and more.

Imports or Domestic, old or new.
Let Fix Em All Motors help you with your vehicles today.

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Fix Em All Motors
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Affordable and honest Automotive repair, maintenance upgrades and more.